New Amba Hotels launching with world's fastest, free unlimited Wifi

03 December 2014

London, 3rd December 2014: The new Amba Hotel Charing Cross, the first Amba Hotel worldwide, is now open. Situated just steps from Trafalgar Square, the hotel offers the fastest Wi-Fi in the world in any Meetings & Events hotels, with no limits on uploads and download speeds.

The new Amba Hotels have been designed in response to customer demand, delivering seamless technology and authentic experiences in the best locations in the world:

  • The second hotel, the new Amba Hotel Marble Arch, will open next year with opportunities for expansion in Asia, the USA and across Europe – all in iconic locations in key cities around the world
  • Smart TVs are installed in every room to make it easy to sync devices or stream from subscription accounts and USB sockets are provided in every room at the bedside
  • Nespresso® coffee machines in every room, so guests can enjoy top quality coffee whenever they want – for free
  • The latest technology, from check-in kiosks to smart in-room apps and i-pads in every room that guests can use to surf the net, order room service, learn more about the hotel or simply discover more about London
  • A hotel brand with unique designs, driven by the individual location of each hotel, including artwork to reflect the city’s iconic attractions
  • Our people are all local experts, available to help and guide guests so they get more from their stay
  • On-site business and leisure facilities that meet the needs of executives using the hotel as a personal business base or business event location, or when travelling on leisure

The announcement comes as research from new Amba Hotels has found that fast, free, unlimited WiFi tops the list of factors that influence our choice when booking accommodation. Two thirds (67%) of those questioned said free WiFi would make them more likely to choose accommodation, followed by location (65%), fast WiFi with unlimited downloads (34%) and proximity to travel hubs (34%).

Fast, free, unlimited WiFi in a hotel is also the most important factor for travellers when they rate a hotel. Three fifths of travellers (60%) chose this; beating a good night’s sleep (58%) and friendly, knowledgeable staff (40%).

The research questioned more than 1,000 UK travellers to discover what they look for in a hotel, as well as the irritations that ruin their relaxing trip or business stay.**

Belinda Atkins, CEO of the new Amba Hotels said; “Fast, free, unlimited WiFi is as important to our guests as any other facilities provided by the hotel – it’s actually as important as a good night’s sleep. Our WiFi has no caveats, no loyalty schemes no limit on up or down loading. It’s is the fastest, free, unlimited WiFi of any Meeting & Events hotel group.

The new Amba Hotel Charing Cross is situated at the heart of London. The Hotel is popular with UK and international tourists as well as business travellers, who often rely on WiFi to work or deliver important meetings from the hotel. That’s why we offer the fastest, free WiFi in the world in a meetings and conference hotel, with no limits on downloads or upload speeds.”

It’s no surprise that people rate WiFi so highly and get so annoyed when it lets them down; we use WiFi whilst travelling for everything from checking work emails to online dating:

  • Half (54%) rely on it to check directions and two fifths for travel tips (43%)
  • Half (50%) check work emails
  • Three fifths (58%) check social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and 31% keep in contact with friends and family via Skype
  • One in ten (11%) use dating sites such as Tinder and Happn to meet people whilst they’re away

More than a quarter (28%) of travellers have complained about slow or hard to use WiFi and more than four fifths (84%) of us have suffered as a result of slow hotel WiFi or buffering:

  • A third (33%) of us have not been able to send or receive important work emails
  • A quarter (27%) haven’t been able to contact home; worrying family members as a result (22%)
  • A fifth (19%) haven’t been able to check flights
  • One in ten (8%) have lost a client or business opportunity after being let down by slow WiFi

Top 5 Considerations for UK travellers choosing accommodation

  1. Free WiFi (67%)
  2. Location (65%)
  3. Fast WiFi with unlimited downloads (34%)
  4. Close to travel hubs (34%)
  5. Good bars / restaurants in hotel (26%)

What we use WiFi for

  1. Checking social media (58%)
  2. Checking directions (54%)
  3. Sending / receiving work emails (49%)
  4. Local travel tips (43%)
  5. Skype calls (31%)


* Amba Hotel Charing Cross has the fastest free, unlimited Wi-Fi in the world in any Meetings & Events hotel, as measured on between 13th of October 2014 and 01st of December 2014 (listed as The Charing Cross Hotel) with an expected speed of 184 Mbps (max speed of 510 Mbps) and on between 9th of October 2014 and 01st of December 2014 with an average download speed of 134.3 Mbps and average upload speed of 90.7 Mbps, measured within at least 3 or more independent tests.

** Research by Censuswide questioned 1,003 Respondents aged 18-60, who travel 2+ times a year, stay in hotels and use WiFi. Conducted between 27th November – 1st December 2014.

About Amba Hotels:

Amba will be a global operator of contemporary hotels owned by glh Hotels, the London-based global hotel subsidiary of the Singapore-listed GuocoLeisure Group.

Amba Hotels will be Europe’s largest four-star brand launch with 2088 rooms in London by 2016.

Amba is launching with four hotels, situated just a few paces from world famous landmarks, in London’s most prestigious locations: Charing Cross, Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch and Tower Bridge. The hotels will re-open following major refurbishments, with Charing Cross the first Amba hotel to open in October 2014.

About glh Hotels:

glh Hotels refers to GLH Hotels Management (UK) Limited, the new name of Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of GuocoLeisure Limited.

glh Hotels is the largest owner-operator hotel company in London with over 4,000 hotel rooms. In total glh Hotels has 8,279 bedrooms 337 meeting rooms across 36 Hotels in the UK.

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